Friday, July 1, 2016

Farewell to the Paperless Classroom

I've always loved the idea of a paperless classroom; so much so that I created a Smore of tools to use to create a paperless classroom (granted this Smore is from July 2014 and needs updating). Then I read the article by Eric Patnoudes, titled "10 Things Every Educator Should Start Doing Today." The number one item on the list was to eliminate 'paperless classroom' from your vocabulary. Wait, what? Did he say ELIMINATE? 

Patnoudes suggested this, "Instead of paperless classroom, let's call it what it efficient classroom or any of its synonyms: organized, methodical, systematic, logical, orderly, businesslike, streamlined, productive, effective, cost-effective, labor-saving." So, I went back and looked at my Smore. The tools I was sharing were tools for distributing resources and materials digitally, collecting student work digitally, delivering digital content, read or annotate digital text, share web resources, digital formative assessments, gather feedback or data digitally, real-time discussions and online portfolios. I wasn't that off with my content, but the idea of "paperless" can send the wrong message to someone new at integrating technology in the classroom.

So as the new year rolls around, teachers what tools will you use to make your classroom more EFFICIENT? 
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
    • This is a powerful tool because it incorporates content delivery and collecting, real-time discussions, assessment, feedback, web tools for embedding and so much more. 
  • Formative Assessment Web Tools - see the Smore for ideas.
  • Digital Feedback Web Tools - see the Smore for ideas but add Recap to the list.
And I close with this from the article, "Paper will always have a place in education. It's great for everything from drawing out ideas, making diagrams, taking notes, doing math, doodling, sketch noting, making reminders, and most of all...INCREASING RETENTION AND COMPREHENSION, i.e. learning." 

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